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Macaloo trying to offer the best custom fabric printing service

Cotton lycra, brushed polyester, woven cotton,  swimwear fabric, French terry, or some other fabric category? Any fabric you might need to print, we can do it for you, guaranteeing you the best quality you could possibly expect to find around.
Digital fabric printing makes use of special printers that are computer-controlled in order to print images stored as files onto different fabrics. With the help of this technique, designers who are involved in the creation of the images we find on different things around us, from designs on our clothes, to motifs on upholstery, are allowed to work with as many as 50 colors just on a single image, something which was not previously possible with the implementation of screen printing. The result is that apart from the huge variety in the designs, patterns, images and colors involved, digital printing offers exceptional accuracy in the printed colors, giving products that could be characterized as immaculate.
Supported by the innovative and trustworthy digital textile printing equipment developed by MS, Macaloo Textile has evolved from a knitting factory to an integrated provider of ‘one-stop-services’ meeting the needs of modern-day custom printing fabric market. The hi-tech printing equipment coupled with imported inks of the best quality ensures that our customers are furnished with the best digital printed fabrics.
With the advent of even faster printers, orders of thousands of yards can be printed efficiently. There are several digital printing fabric companies around and some of them might be cheaper compared to Macaloo Textile. These companies, however, have organized their business around digital printers that are not as developed and sophisticated as the MS printers we are using. The outcome is that their fabrics are marked by certain flaws. We, on the other hand, by combining high-speed, super hi-tech printers, and inks imported from countries like Germany or Japan, have managed to match screen printing quality with our fast printers, offering custom printing fabric products, which are flawless, at attractive prices, making us the best digital printing fabric company around.
Digital fabric printing is an environmentally friendly technique since it minimizes power and water consumption as compared to fabric printing performed with the use of conventional methods. It also uses less ink and the wastes generated are also minimal.
Moreover, custom fabric printing technologies have made fabric printing cost-effective even with orders as low as a few yards. Images and patterns of any size or dimensions can be printed according to the client’s preferences. Companies who apply older printing techniques face the problem that larger runs are required in order for the production to be cost-effective. In addition, the MS printers with which Macaloo Textile is equipped with, keep costs at even lower levels by saving on the power and ink used. This is why digital printing fabric production as performed by us has led to very short amortization periods, allowing our company to maintain a really competitive pricing policy compared to our competitors.
To sum up, at MacalooTextile, where we make use of the method of digital fabric printing, our prospective customers are invited to enjoy all the associated advantages of digital printing, which are the huge variety of designs available to choose from, the variety of colors in the design, the accuracy of the image or pattern, the flawless final products, and an environmentally friendly production.